The Berg
Imaginary monument to contemporary Berlin

While big and wealthy cities in many parts of the world challenge the limits of possibility by building gigantic hotels with fancy shapes, erecting sky-high office towers or constructing hovering philharmonic temples, Berlin sets up a decent mountain. Its peak exceeds 1000 metres and is covered with snow from September to March...  

Hamburg, as stiff as flat, turns green with envy, rich and once proud Munich starts to feel ashamed of its distant Alp-panorama and planners of the Middle- East, experienced in taking the spell off any kind of architectural utopia, immediately design authentic copies of the iconic Berlin-Mountain. Tempelhof no longer only is on Berliners’ minds: People come in flocks to - not to see the mountain. Thus,

Come and see The Berg!

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Location: Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany
Team: Tilla Baganz, Maud Cassagne, David Kaufmann, Lorenz Kirchner, Malte Kloes, Sean Pepe, Astrid Smitham, Jakob Tigges
Client: Senate Department for Urban Development
Period: 2008-2009