Place Lalla Yeddouna
A showcase of sensual renovation in the Medina of Fez

The proposal focuses on the unique urban morphology of the Medina of Fez in the area known as Bin Lamdoun. The overall homogeneity of the Medina is derived from the varied repetition of a limited number of traditional building types. Still, it is composed by a narrative sequence of idiosyncratic spatial situations.

The continuation of this narration is at the core of our proposal. Each added building spells a morphologic theme as typological answer to an existing topographic benefit. Fundamentally, Lalla Yeddouna square and its buildings are re-oriented towards the river Fez.
The project is based on the conviction that a valuable contemporary use provides the best conservation practice for the impressive urban and architectural heritage.

Location: Fez, Morocco
Team: David Kaufmann, Sean Pepe, Jakob Tigges, Nino Tugushi
Client: Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, Agency of Partnership for Progress
Period: 2010