Re-interpretation of an Iconic Commercial District

On the area of the former consumer cooperative Berlin in Lichtenberg, a contiguous quarter is to be created for companies in the craft and manufacturing sectors, as well as for business start-ups in the digital and healthcare industries. The concentration and immediate proximity of founding, researching, planning, executing and advising companies should create a clear locational advantage.

In a structurally contemporary addition to the existing listed buildings, an identity-creating overall facility is to be created that offers suitable commercial space at comparatively low rents and exerts a certain attraction on the target groups described. In addition to monument protection and sustainability, flexibility in use plays an important role in the renovation of the existing buildings and the development of new commercial typologies.

Location: Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany
Team: Luigi Scapin, Jakob Tigges
Client: LichtWerk Develoment Cooperation
Period: 2016 -