Aldgate Spheres
Touching Installation on a Refuge

Aldgate disposes of a rarely matched wealth of diverse people, institutions, spaces and buildings. More than an image Aldgate is an experience. Consequently, besides being a visual landmark, the Aldgate installation should be a physical sensation.
A ‘forest’ of constantly moving and reflecting spheres forms a multidirectional gate, emphasizing the occasional beauty of the oblong traffic island. Passing by the installation will offer changing images of St Botolph’s Church, Sir John Cass School and other buildings of the surroundings. Diving into the spheric forest you will experience a multitude of reflections and movements that integrate pedestrians, cars and buildings into a new sensual sphere. Every step on the elastic floor provokes a soft bending of a pole and a sphere… crossing the traffic island means passing through a condition, rather than passing by a landmark.

The installation is meant to celebrate the diversity and vibrance of Aldgate’s everyday reality. After 2012 the Aldgate spheres shall be spread throughout the City to mark its territory within London and establish a link between Aldgate and the City. Ultimately, Aldgate’s Spheres serve to intensify and increase Aldgate’s sphere of activity and influence within the City of London during and after the Olympics.

Location: London, UK
Team: Sebastian Ernst, Sean Pepe, Jakob Tigges, Nino Tugushi
Client: The Architecture Foundation
Period: 2010